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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(*) Kidney Stones sux

Apols for the lack-of-posts these last few days, Paige... I managed to pass a kidney stone on Saturday, and I've been feeling rather 'tender' physically since then! Alls well now tho. Kidney stones - not fun. (oops... I'd forgotten I'd already spoken of this the other day in a post. Silly me. I blame the... the... loss of memory... I think...? What was I saying...?

I did end up going out to Chifley dam with my boat on Sunday. Mr Hoon and another youngster was there with their Laser and Mirror dinghy, and later another couple from Carcoar SC turned up to just hang out in the sunshine too, which was great to catch up with them etc etc. ya! I didn't end up going out for a sail on Sunday as I ujust wasn't feeling at all 'relaxed' about the funny aches and pains still wracking thru my body from time to time! heh heh. Silly body.

On Monday I ended up taking a few disabled clients out sailing in the Access dinghies - that was satisfying, but I dunno if I should have gone out. I felt like death when I got home - had an asthma attack (nb. I don't actually *have* asthma!!!), and slept 14 hours last night!!! Today I just feel a bit weary but generally OK.

Now I know what it's like not to be able to breathe... holy shit, it's not good, is it...?!?

I don't wanna say too much, because shit I rant about on here always seem to end up in the wrong pair of ears, even tho they shouldn't...

I want to take my boys to vistit and spend a few days with my brother and wife up in cairns during the July School Holidays. Totally supervised, first time on a plane, first time to QLD, first time to see the Great barrier Reef etc etc etc.
Their mums' reaction? "No."
But she kinda changed her mind... kinda... "But the middle boy wont cope being away from home..."
So, does that mean all THREE have to miss out on this annual trip we'd already discussed and agreed it would be OK for us to do together????????????????????????????????????
<-- Two years ago
Fuck. she still shits me. you think she would have stopped her childish shit after FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuck it. I'm gonna take the eldest boy at least. I'm sure the youngest would have a blast too - as would the middle boy too. There's no way JD should miss out just because... aww fuck, I dont wanna talk about it...

Monday March 12 2007
1. Do you believe in reincarnation? Nope. Who'd wanna come back as a banana?
2. Do you own any anime figures? Certainly not.
3. Are you one of the fanfic writers over at Well, I write some fanfic, but its got nothing to do with that site...
4. Do you review stories which are posted in Nope.
5. Are you looking forward to seeing the third Spider-Man film? Didn't even know there was gonna be a third one! No, not really... those psudo-comix movies are rather drab and glib IMHO...
6. Are you looking forward to seeing the Fantastic Four sequel? (same as above)
7. Do you like "Deal or No Deal"? Any gameshow is audio-visual garbage, a waste of televised time.
8. Are you a television watcher? I watch about 30 to 60 mins a day, that's about it. The news and maybe something silly, but that's about it. Most everything else is just too... nausiating!
9. Do you write letters to people? Sure do, to my brother, to mah sons.

Monday Music Mambo
1. What's your favorite album-opening song? "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles off their first LP "Please Please Me" [1963] - the song itself is a great peice of pumping r'n'r, but lyrically drab! lol
2. What's your favorite album-closing song? "A Day in the Life" from The Beatles "Sgt Pepper..." [1967]
3. What's your favorite one-two-three punch of album-opening singles? "Come Together", "Something" and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" off The Beatles 1969 LP 'Abbey Road'.
4. How many songs do you think an album should have? That's irrelevant... a band like Pink Floyd can have like three! But a band like The Ramones could have like 20! hahahahaa

Today I've been listening to Tommy Emmanuel's 1998 CD album "Collaboration", and also The Beatles 1969 LP album "Abbey Road".

"Random Fives"
What are your top five...

1. ... pet peeves? Hmmm... Political parties; legal injustice; unforgiveness; discrimination; barking dogs
2. ... wishes and dreams? See my boys mature into good honest healthy men; a happy relationship; a companion; my own house; good health
3. ... significant life lessons? wow... too many to list... too many too raw and close to the bone to just 'list off' like this! That'd be a whole novel! heh heh
4. ... most cherished possessions? My Laser; my Solo; my CD player; my CD collection; my car.
5. ... favorite junk food? Hamburger; hot chips; tacos/nachos; pizza; KFC

"Can't Have It All"
If you had to choose just one, would you rather...

1. ... live in the city or in the suburbs? Suburbs. I have all my life... even here in the country this is a 'suburb' of a large town! hehheh
2. ... be a good cook or have a good cook? Be a good cook. I can take and use 'me' anywhere then.
3. ... be the Prime Minister or the King/Queen of a country? Royalty would be fine, having its own mystique about it.
4. ... be married or have a child? Have a child. If the relationship was happy and balanced, marriage isn't an issue.
5. ... be a clothing designer or a designer's model? A model! [strikes a pose]

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On March 14, 2007 8:20 AM, Blogger Russ/rfduck said...

Thanks for mamboing! You may be right - it might be the length of an album that's more important.

On March 21, 2007 11:15 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Kidney stones are THE WORST!!!! I've had labor pains with my kids and kidney stones and the kidney stone was way worse! I feel your pain man... I feel it!


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